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21st Century Problems


There are many challenges facing your generation in the future.  Most of these are global problems that will impact many people all over the world.  Experts from all areas of expertise are working hard to understand and solve these problems, but the problems are large and complex.  Your generation will need to be prepared to take on these problems and continue to make your world a better place for generations to come.  

Your Task

You and your colleague will work together to learn about a particular 21st Century problem and will be presenting your work to your classmates in an appropriate and interesting format.  

The Process

 You will be able to visit resources that I have provided in order to learn more about what some of these 21st century challenges are.  Visit the site(s) provided and decide on a particular challenge that you and your partner would like to learn more about.  Let your teacher know when you have selected one of the topics on the list below.  Only 1 group will be permitted to work on a specific problem.  
The available topics are:
Low Carbon Energy,  Climate Change,  Sustainability,  Geoengineering,  Overfishing,  Plastic Pollution in the Ocean,   Deforestation,  Biodiversity,  Education (including gender equality in education),  Air Pollution,  Global Health,  Poverty,  Natural Hazards,  Food Security,  Water Security,  Keeping up with Technology,  Urbanization,  An Aging Population,  Global Heath Care,  Space Exploration
Once you and your teacher have agreed on a topic, you will exlore your resources to learn about the problem and proposed solutions.  you will create a presentation that addresses the following;
  • What is the problem
  • Why does the problem exist
  • Who will it impact
  • Possible solutins to the problem. 
  • Your personal concerns and how you and your classmates can make a difference

You may convey your message as you choose.  Suggested options include (but are not limited to)

  • Powerpoint or Google Slide
  • Your own web site (Google Sites)
  • Documentary posted to Youtube
  • any other appropriate medium 

Project Links