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Jenna Bates

About the teacher ...

This is my twelfth year teaching English at Coventry High School. I earned my bachelor's degree in English and minored in Psychology at Kent State University. From there, I went to The University of Akron, where I earned a master's degree in English Literature. For five years after, I worked as a reporter and editor of a local weekly newspaper and then as the managing editor of two national trade publications. I then returned to Kent State to earn a master's degree in education (M.A.T.). In addition to teaching at Coventry, I have taught Composition at The University of Akron as a graduate assistant and have been an adjunct instructor at Kent State University in the English Department, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Honors College.
I live in Stow with my two cats and my husband who works as a firefighter/paramedic. I have one daughter; she has started her third year as an orchestra teacher in another district.
I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, interior design, fashion, music, and traveling. 

Classroom Supplies

You may think it's only elementary schools that can use a class supply list, but we need them at the high school too! The following donations of supplies are always appreciated!
Boxes of tissues
Hand sanitizer
Pencils and pens
Paper (printing, construction, notebook)
Markers and colored pencils
Tape (transparent and masking)
Dry Erase markers
Rubber bands


All students must have a signed permission slip in order to read the assigned pieces and to watch any films that may supplement the reading.
In addition, English 11 and English 12 students need a reading journal to keep in the classroom and something grade-level appropriate to read each Friday.

Current Classes

Current Classes
Jenna Bates
(330) 644-3004 x 625005
* Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition
* English 12
* English 11