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Kimberly Fallon

Mrs. Fallon

Mrs. Fallon
This year we will be focusing on major historical events in the world from the Enlightenment to the Cold War. It’s a lot of time and events to cover so we’ve going to be working swiftly throughout the year. This class is very important in order to pass the end of the course exams which you will begin taking this year. This class is required for you to pass in 9thgrade.

Some of the events will be learning about this year:

·       The Enlightenment

·        French Revolution

·        Industrial Revolution & Imperialism

·        WWI

·        WWII
  • The Cold War
This year we’re going to focus on several important high school skills.

·        Outlining

·        Cooperative Groups

·        Vocabulary

·        Research

Organization- It’s going to be very important that youstay organized this year. You will have midterms and final exams to preparefor, so you need to have a place to put your worksheets, notes, review sheets,and other important papers.


You need to get a folder, binder, or file pocket to keep your papers in. I will be collecting them periodically throughout the units to check and grade. I do not care what they look like, what size or color- but you need some kind of organizational folder.

You will be receiving a planner from the school again this year. I expect you to use it to write down important information like tests,quizzes, and due dates.

This planner also works as your hall pass. In order to leave the room, you need to have this planner and carry it with you after it has been filled out and signed by me.

Don’t use your planner just for hall passes- use it as acalendar to write down due dates!

Be sure to check out and use Progress Book!

You will find important classroom information like upcoming assignments, due dates, and grades on my classroom page.

I will make every attempt at keeping my information up-to-date and the grades current.

Feel free to email me at:


Our textbook is online! What a great opportunity to use our textbook at home using the internet. www.classzone.com/eservices


Kimberly Fallon

Kimberly Fallon
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World Studies
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Master's Degree: Walden University- Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
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