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License Renewal

License Renewal
Certificate/License Renewal

Any 4-year Provisional Certificate with an issue date of September 2, 1998 or after must transition to a 5-year License, meeting the new license requirements of 6 semester hours or 18 CEUs or a combination.
Any 8-year Professional Certificate issued before September 1, 1998 can be renewed once under the old standards, 4 semester hours or 12 CEUs or a combination. Those Professional Certificates may be transitioned to a 5-year License by meeting the new license requirements. Professional Certificates may be renewed under the old standards until September 2, 2006. After that date all Professional Certificates must be transitioned to a 5-year Professional License.
All renewal paperwork must be submitted to the State Department of Education by June 30th of the year of renewal In order to complete the paperwork needed, the LPDC should have all renewal materials by June 1st. The state has established significant penalties for certificates and licenses not renewed by the deadline. Besides the renewal application, the LPDC will need to see original transcripts for any college course work taken towards renewal and any CEUs awarded by the LPDC that are going to be used for renewal.
Certificates and Licenses can only be renewed after January 1 of the year the certificate or license expires.
no alternative text given The flow chart above shows how the committee typically looks at an application for renewal or transition.  Of course, the university credit, workshop hours, or equivalent activities must be in line with the stated goals on the IPDP.
Typical renewal situation calls for 6 credits or 18 CEUs or a combination of the two.
10 contact hours and a certificate of attendance = 1 CEU
3 CEUs = 1 credit