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Life Science

Life Science

Learning Targets

  • Describe the past using evidence from the fossil and geologic record.
  • Use the fossil record to provide evidence for environmental change and understanding concepts of extinction, biodiversity, and diversity of species.
  • Understand that an individual does not live forever and reproduction is necessary for the continuation of a species. 
  • Understand Mendelian Genetics and relate it to the sorting and combining of genes dealing with diversity. 
  • Use pedigrees to trace and explain how traits are passed from generation to generation based on Mendelian genetics
  • Relate traits to genes in DNA. 
  • Identify the benefits of organisms that reproduce either sexually or asexually, or how some organisms are capable of both. 
  • Describe that diversity increases the chance of some individuals having favorable traits.

Washington DC Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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