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Coventry Local Schools


Facilities and Maintenance Department
Director of Facilities
Jon Hibian- jhibian@coventryschools.org
Maintenance Personnel
 Gary Olson
 Brian Smith 
Kelly J. Ratcliff, Administrative Assistant 
330.644.8489 Option 9 

2017-2018 Competed Projects

Please note: This list is a small sampling of projects completed
Building Project
CES Playground Sprinkler
CES Fob Security Entrance
CES Playground Landscaping
CES Theater Ramp
CMS Classroom H/C replacement
CMS Fire Lane
CMS Rear gym entrance concrete 
CMS Bathroom stalls/sinks Lowes donation
CHS Additional cleaning equiptment
CHS Practice Field Sprinkler
CHS Mulch
Stadium Band Stand replacement
Stadium Scoreboard
Fitness  Drain repair in parking lot
Fitness Water Heater
Fitness RTU 30 motor
Lakeview Water softener
Bus garage Radio communication repair
Bus garage Air conditioning repair

2018-2019 Potential Projects

Please note: This list is a small sample of potential projects
Building Project
CES LED lighting in hallway
CES Security screes for windows
CES Replaceemnt of doors 7,8,9
CES/CMS Maintenace Agreements
CMS Security camera replacement
Stadium Sewage pump repairs
Stadium Concrete repairs
Maintenance Convert heating from propane
Building Maintenance Information

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MSDS (Safety Data Sheets)