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April OAA

Check out the Ohio Department of Education link
OAA Testing in the column to the right.  You will find information about:
  • What's expected of students on the test.
  • Understanding the results.
  • Practice for the test.
    • Click OAA Grades 3-8 to open tests.
    • Click Practice for the Test.
    • Click Student.
    • Click Take a Test without Logging In.
    • You can take both Reading and Math practice tests.

Another practice site is Links to Learning. (link in the column on the left)



Our Math Book

Does your child need help understanding their homework?  Has your student been absent and is trying to catch.  Having trouble with math vocabulary?  You can access our Math Book online.  Just click on the picture of the book in the right column.  You can search by page or table of contents. 


Test Taking Tips

In the column to the right, click on Test Taking Tips for some helpful tips for your child.