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Open enrollment information
Open Enrollment for the 2014-15 is closed.
Information regarding the 2015-16 school will be posted here Jan./Feb. of 2015
Thank you. 

Office location, 2910 S Main St. Akron 44319, Hours 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-2:00

Listed below are the REQUIRED documents to be given with the application.
If the applicant does not have ALL of the appropriate documentation, the application will NOT be taken for processing!  Only COMPLETE applications will be time and date stamped.

COPIES WILL NOT BE MADE FOR YOU - it is important for the applicant to have all copies ready with the application!

·         Birth Certificate of Applicant. Must be a copy of the Certified Health Department document. NO Hospital Birth Records will be accepted.

·         Social Security Card of applicant

·         Report Card. Must be the MOST RECENT for the CURRENT (2012-13) grade and school year. Please do not bring Progess Reports, the report card should be latest grading period received prior to filling out the application.This does not apply for Kindergarten applicants. Grades 9-12, a High School transcript is acceptable.

·         Shot Record.
·         CUSTODY PAPERS. **If there has been a separation, divorce OR if there is Legal Guardianship, paperwork MUST be provided. If the applicants name listed on the Certified Birth Certificate does not match the Parent information – we will ask for documentation for proof of custody BEFORE the application will be processed.  This would include proof of residential parent custody information, guardianship papers, if re-married a copy of current marriage certificate, etc. If there are ANY questions the application will NOT be taken for processing.
·        IEP and ETR. If the applicant is receiving ANY type of Special Education services,BOTHof these documents (copies) MUST be provided at the time of application.  (Applications will not be taken without both the IEP and ETR.)
·        2 forms of the following for Proof of Residency.
         *Current Month Utility Bill (gas, electric, water, cable)
         *Payroll Check - must be current, within the most current pay period
         *Mortgage Statement - Lease or rental agreements will not be accepted
         *Insurance documents - Company documents that show proof of automobile,
         homeowners, health or dental benefits or statements.  Medical bills are NOT accepted
         *Official Government Correspondence - Documents from the Ohio or U.S. Dept. of
         Taxation, Ohio Dept. of Human Services, Medicaid/Medicare, etc.  Must be current
         *Phone bill - Landline.  Cell phone bills can only be accepted as a second form when
         accompanied with one of the preceding acceptable documents.
All documents must be in the Legal Parents/Guardians name for whose student is applying for Open Enrollment.  
The applicant is responsible to provide copies of ALL DOCUMENTS.
Proof of Residency documents must be of the current date/month.

Upon the receipt of ALL required documentation the open enrollment application will be time and date recorded. 
                     Thank you for your Interest in the Coventry Local Schools!
**Documents that are NOT acceptable forms to be used as Proof of Residency - Credit Card statements, Bank Statements, Lease/Rental agreement, general mail, Drivers license, notarized statements, handwritten document, Voter Registration notice, post office change of address, etc.
**All information regarding the establishment of residency and Legal Gaurdianship may be subject to the verification by school appointed authorities.
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