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Coventry Local Schools

Science Project

Using the Scientific Method

In this project you will realize that the current body of scientific knowledge must be based on evidence, be predictive, logical, subject to modification, and limited to the natural world. This includes demonstrating an understanding that scientific knowledge grows and advances as new evidence is discovered to support or modify existing theories, as well as to encourage the development of new theories. You will be able to reflect on ethical scientific practices and demonstrate an understanding of how the current body of scientific knowledge reflects the historical and cultural contributions of women and men who provide us with a more reliable and comprehensive understanding of the natural world.

You will also develop scientific habits of mind as you use the processes of scientific inquiry to ask valid questions, and to gather and analyze information. You’ll understand how to develop hypotheses and make predictions. You will reflect on scientific practices as you develop plans of action to create and evaluate a variety of conclusions. You will also able to demonstrate the ability to communicate findings to others.