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Coventry Virtual Academy


Coventry students can now enroll in a fully accredited online program.  In collaboration with Ohio Online Learning and local educators, students can access online instruction through a comprehensive educational program.  
 A great option for any family who is concerned about sending their child(ren) to school in the fall, due to the pandemic.  Also, a wonderful option for students who prefer to learn at their own pace through interactive and engaging virtual courses.  

Students who participate in the CVA program, are still and will remain Coventry Comets.  CVA students are eligible to participate in all Coventry Schools sponsored activities, such as: sports, band and school clubs. 

CVA Program Features:

=Direct Instruction Opportunities

= Interactive & Engaging Content

= Based on Today’s Learning  Standards

= Tutoring & Extra Support

= Learning Advocates who Monitor Progress

= Supports for Students with IEPs

= Enrichment Options for Motivated Students

= Real-time Engagement & Interaction Opportunities

= Community & Social Opportunities Offered


Sarah Wulff, Coventry Virtual Academy Program Coordinator

[email protected]