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Coventry Local Schools


 Important Information for Parents & Students: 

Packet Pickup/Drop off Each Thursday 10a-1p 


Packet Pickup Procedures:


Enter via Manchester Rd. Click here for map.


Enter via the lower lot on Cormany Rd. Click here for map.


Enter via Manchester Rd. Click here for map.


Home Learning 

Frequently Asked Questions – For Parents & Families 


Q: Are the Home Learning packets available online and in printed format?

A: Yes.  Home Learning packets will be available, both online or printed, starting on Thursday, April 2, 2020.  You can access the packets online through the “Home Learning” link on the district’s website at www.coventryschools.org.  Parents can pick up printed packets at your child’s school on Thursdays from 10:00am until 1:00pm.   

Q: Do I need to get out of my car and go into the school building when I pick up the packet? 

A: No. The packet pick-up will be done through a curbside process.  There is a designated path that drivers should take when they enter the parking lots for each school.  Please click on the packet pick-up/drop-off maps, for each school, for more details.  

Q: How do students/families submit the finished work?  

A: Students/parents are able to submit completed work electronically.  Students can complete some assignments online directly or email the completed work to their teachers.


Parents are also welcome to drop off the completed work at the school buildings.  This would be done on Thursdays, from 10am – 1pm, the same time new packets are getting picked up.

Q: How can I get a printed copy of the packet, if I cannot get to the schools during the designated time frame?

A: If you are unable to pick up a packet, during the regularly scheduled time and unable to access the information via the district website, special arrangements will be made for you.   Please email your child’s building principal and they will assist you in this matter.  

Q: Is there a way to get my child’s books, band instrument, or personal items they left in their locker or desk? 

A: Yes. Please contact your child’s building principal to make arrangements for you/your child to come in and get whatever they may need. 

Q: What is the best way to get in contact with the buildings principals and/or teachers? 

A: At this time, email is the best way to get in contact with any district personnel.   Here are the building principals’ emails:

-       CES – Tim Bryan = [email protected]

-       CMS – Tina Norris = [email protected]

-       CHS – Neal Kopp = [email protected]   


Q: What is my students’ email account and how do they login?

A: All students have coventrycomets.org Gmail accounts that they can access by logging in at mail.google.com

            Email addresses are formatted [email protected]

                        Example: [email protected]

            Passwords are formatted: Capital Initials + Student ID

                        Example: JS123456

If you need assistance accessing your account please complete the form by clicking here.