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Melissa Carr

Welcome to My Page

Hello. My name is Melissa Carr and I have been teaching in the Coventry Local School District for 26 years. I am married and have two daughters, Hannah and Haley. I also have a black dog named Marshall and 8 chickens. When I am not teaching, I like to take walks, ride my bike and go to the beach. 

What happened at school today?

What happened at school today?
How was your summer?

Frequently Asked Questions

*What time does my first grader eat lunch? 12:35
*Why a healthy snack? I know that not all research supports my belief that sugar affects children's behavior however I use this as an opportunity to teach kids about healthy food choices. 
*Why no toys? Almost all first graders are distracted by toys in the classroom. Even if they are in their lockers, they are talking about them or heading back to their locker to sneak a peek. Trading toys inevitably ends in tears, too.  
*How can I help my child with reading? practice reading the words in their word bags nightly, read books to and with your first grader that are on their level (less than 5 mistakes in the first 100 words), be patient as it will click when they are ready
*Where is the spelling list? There is not a set spelling list rather we teach a weekly skill and all of the words on the test contain that skill. 
*How can I help my child be a better writer? Take them shopping for a really cool journal and encourage them to write a few sentences each night.  Keep in mind their sentences should start with a capital and end with proper punctuation.
*Why is the math so hard? Our new math is based on the new national education standards which focus on problem solving. Go over your child's homework and if they seem as though they are struggling, give them additional problems on  
the back.
*Is my child ready for second grade? First graders must be reading at or near a level 18 to be successful in second grade. They must be fluent readers at this level, reading with expression and understanding. Students must also show mastery in math, spelling and writing.