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The internet is a great resource for students who are struggling in any subject.  One outstanding website for mathematics is by Khan Academy.  A quick look at the site and you will find 205 math videos on practically every topic that is covered in 6th grade.  It’s often asked if there is extra tutoring here at school.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any opportunities for that here at school.  This website would be an excellent, and free, way for students to review things that are taught in class. 

5th Grade

Week of Feb 29th

Monday:  Line Plots

Tuesday:   Line Plots and Surveys   
Wednesday:  Line Plots and Fractions
Thursday:  Coordinate Planes
Friday:  Coordinate Planes and Input/Output Tables

6th Grade

Week of Feb 29th

Monday:  Finish Test

Tuesday:  pg 743-744 #1-9
Wednesday:  pg 753 #16-24
Thursday:  pg 767 #1-7 
 Friday:  pg 777 #1-7

William Burley

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