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Coventry Local Schools

AESOP Basics (Subs)

AESOP Substitute FAQ'S

What is the AESOP phone number and website?
The AESOP phone number is 1-800-942-3767. The AESOP website is www.aesoponline.com.
What employees will report absences into AESOP that will request substitutes through AESOP?
At this time only teachers (certified staff) request a substitute through AESOP.
When and how do I get my ID and Pin number?
NOTE: All substitutes must first register at theSummit County Educational Service Center.  When a substitute attends a substitute orientation, completes all required paperwork, and the national criminal check is clear, the Summit Educational Service Center will notify Coventry.  An AESOP clerk will then call or e-mail the substitute to give the substitute their Coventry Local Schools pin and ID number.
What should I do if I lose my ID or Pin number?
Contact one of the following individuals:
Can I change my pin number, name, address, and telephone number on AESOP?
Yes, you can change all of the above. If you change yourname, address, and telephone number,please e-mail or call an AESOP administrator at Coventry.
By what time do I need to report to a location?
Substitutes are required to report to the location by following the teacher work schedule for that building. However, it is a good idea to report 20 minutes earlier than the teacher reporting time to get organized. If the substitute desires to accept a job after the start time for the building, the substitute should only accept the job if he/she can be there within an hour of accepting the job.
What if I am having difficulty getting into AESOP?
First, review AESOP User Guide for Substitutes.
For further assistance, contact one of the individuals listed above.