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Coventry Local Schools


The Office of Curriculum and Instruction
Thank you for visiting the Coventry Local School District's Curriculum web page. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for a variety of educational programs throughout the district. Some of our responsibilities involve the following:   

1.  Oversee the teaching and learning including:               
      - Alignment of Content                
      - Implementation of Research-Based Instructional Approaches               
      - Use of Best Practice Methodologies               
      - Adoptions of Course Materials and Resources

2.  Oversee intervention-based programs such as the Academic Skills Program
3.  Oversee state and local assessment programs

4.  Oversee and manage funding programs such as Title I, Title II-A, etc. 

5.  Oversee educational accountability and compliance requirements 

6.  Oversee professional development opportunities for educators

Although the Office of Curriculum and Instruction manages these responsibilities along with many others, our top priority is to ensure that each and every child receives a well-rounded, engaging, and meaningful education.
For curriculum related questions or concerns please contact:

Lisa Blough, Superintendent
330-644-8489 ext. 626020 

Shannon DeMita, Instructional Assessment and Accountability Coordinator
330-644-8489 ext. 626018

Sarah Wulff, Student Support Supervisor
330-644-8489 ext. 626017
Megan Grabski, Gifted & Technology Specialist
330-644-8489 ext. 626013