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College Credit Plus

The Coventry – College Credit Plus (CCP) Program

CCP Overview:

The CCP program was developed by the Ohio Board of Regents in an attempt to meet the requirements of HB 59. This program serves to establish clear and robust goals for implementing an effective system of dual credit for students across the state of Ohio. This initiative pays for students to earn college credit while in high school via a transfer from the public school district’s foundation funds or from the funds appropriated for non-public and home-schooled students.

Students attending a public college will not be charged for tuition, books, or fees. Students attending a private college will be charged based on the particular private college and where the course is delivered, in accordance with law. Although the amount students can be charged may vary, in 2014 the maximum would have been up to $153 per credit hour. Responsibility for transportation rests with the student.

 The information below outlines the steps and guidelines the students should follow when obtaining their books and materials from various public universities/colleges (The University of Akron, Kent State, Stark State, etc). 

  1. Students will purchase their books by charging the cost to Coventry Schools bookstore account.  Students may charge to the account only if their name appears on the district approved list. In addition, students must show their student ID, a photo ID, and a copy of their schedule, to verify who they are when they purchase the book(s).
  2. Students are only permitted to purchase the “required” materials for the courses. If the students are purchasing suggested or recommended materials, it is at their discretion, and they must pay for those items separately.
  3. Students should select used books first and foremost. If used books are not available, then the purchase of a new book is permitted.

For more general information regarding the state’s CCP visit the Ohio Higher Ed website at: https://www.ohiohighered.org/search/node/CCP