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Coventry Local Schools

Superintendent's Message

August 6, 2019

Dear Coventry Friends and Families,

It is with great anticipation that I welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year!  With the start of a new school year, once again comes the opportunity to successfully educate ALL students through high expectations, productive learning environments, and a commitment to excellence. 

The summer has been a very busy and productive time in the district.  The buildings are very close to being fully ready for the return of the students and staff.  In addition, each department including Special Services, Curriculum and Instruction, and Technology, have all been working to ensure we hit the ground running on day one. 

Academics Update:

Due to the district’s recent state test results, Coventry has been designated a Moderate D/F Support District.  As a support district, the schools will be actively engaged in the state’s process for sustainable change and improvement.  Each building will start the year with clearly defined expectations for student learning, efforts, and attitude.  Coventry Schools is committed to ensuring that each and every student is prepared and ready for life after high school.  Therefore, expectations for student achievement are high and each school is committed to providing the students with the support they need to achieve success. 

Earned Income Tax 2019:

In addition to the work in academics, the district has officially placed a 1% Earned Income Tax on the November 5, 2019 ballot.  Even though many districts across the state have income taxes, it may be a relatively new concept for many people.  There are key benefits for our community members with this type of tax.  These benefits include: 

  • Decrease in Property Taxes With the passing of the income tax, the district will let the 2015 Emergency Property Tax end without renewal in 2020.  This means, property owners will see a decrease in their property taxes. 
  • Taxable Income is Limited – An EARNED income tax means that only those who are currently earning an income are responsible for contributing toward the tax.  Many revenue sources are not taxed, such as:  pension, social security, capital gain, interest-earned, etc.   
  • Tax Responsibility is Spread Amongst the Many  With past taxes, only property owners in the CLSD were responsible for paying the taxes.  With an income tax, the burden is off of the property owners.  All wage earners contribute to this responsibility.  This includes individuals who rent and multiple family homes. 
  • Release from Fiscal Emergency – With the passage of the income tax, Coventry Schools will be able to request release from Fiscal Oversight. 
  • Would you like more information?  If you would like more information regarding the upcoming levy and/or the campaign efforts, please reach out to Levy Chair – Kim Blackert at kimberlysg17@yahoo.com.

The Future is Bright!  

Over the last year, the district has made great strides in achieving fiscal stability and an efficient operational system.  These efforts will continue in the upcoming year.  In addition, the district is focused on setting high expectations for student learning and achievement.  Together, with the support of our families and the community, I have no doubt that Coventry Schools will continue to overcome the challenges it faces.  The future is definitely bright in Coventry Schools! 

Thank you for your continued to support.

With sincere regards,
Lisa A. Blough