Coventry Local Schools

Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message
Russell Chaboudy


Spring 2017

As we move into spring and our final grading period, I would like to invite you to one of our many activities that take place in April and May.  I would encourage you to look at the school calendar located on the home page of our district website to see the different types of activities taking place in our school system.

Of course, this is testing time across the district, and I would like to thank our students, staff and our curriculum department for preparing for all of these testing dates and to the students for putting forth their best efforts in completing these tests. The results of the tests will be available this summer, and the district will utilize the results to help our students grow in areas of difficulty and to help us adjust our curriculum to improve instruction. We all know testing is only part of a child’s education and that all of the other activities in our schools help to develop the whole child. We are proud of our students and their efforts not only in the classroom but on stage, on the playing field and their behavior and attitude when out in the public at field trips or other events. We invite you to see a play, enjoy a concert or take in a ballgame or track meet. We have really good young people, and I think you would really enjoy seeing them perform outside the classroom setting.

This May the district has an important Renewal Levy (Not a new tax) on the ballot. Issue 16 brings in close to $3 million dollars a year and provides money for the daily operation of the district. This Renewal Levy will serve as a key piece to getting the district out of Fiscal Emergency. Passage of this issue will help the district realize a positive Five –Year Forecast and keep a new levy off the ballot barring major reductions from the state budget. The district borrowed $4.8 million dollars from the state to assist them with long-term debt that has plagued the district for 20 years. The Coventry Local Schools will pay this debt back in just two years 2017 and 2018 and will still show a positive forecast. This is an amazing turnaround and is the result of brave action by the Coventry Local School Board, tight fiscal management by the administration and treasurer and some major sacrifices from our teachers and support staff. We are asking for the communities support in keeping a good thing going and allowing us to get out of state watch that has been going on since 1997.

May and June are always a great time of the year with all of the events, activities, recognition assemblies and anticipation for the summer. We want to make sure the year ends in a positive, safe way so please talk with your children about safety, following the rules and if they drive to be very careful out on the roads. I would like to thank our seniors for their leadership and years of service and involvement with our district. We wish them well and look forward to their graduation night on Thursday, June 1st.

Thank you as always- Go Comets!