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Continuing Education



There are two ways for the holder of a Certificate or License to earn CEUs for the purpose of renewal.

First, by attending a workshop that pertains to the educator's IPDP. A Certificate of Attendance must be awarded to the educator that lists the topic, date and the number of contact hours. The original Certificate of Attendance must be turned in to the LPDC chairperson. A Coventry Local Schools CEU Certificate will be awarded to the educator at the next LPDC meeting and sent to his or her assigned building.

Second, an educator could submit a proposal for an Equivalent Activity to the LPDC chairperson for pre-approval. The Equivalent Activity proposal will be considered at the next LPDC meeting and, if approved, will be returned to the educator so he or she may begin the activity. This activity must pertain to the IPDP. At the end of the activity the educator will send to the LPDC chairperson an activity log that was kept during the activity. CEUs will then be awarded at the next LPDC meeting.

The development of Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) has made it possible to accept a wide variety of additional professional development activities which may be counted towards the 18 CEUs needed to renew your new teacher license.  In general, the following activities may be approved by the LPDC for incorporating into your IPDP:

• Curricular projects
• Research, action research, and other forms of inquiry
• Serving as a mentor teacher or lead mentor
• Peer coaching
• Student teaching supervision
• Professional writing/publishing School-Community partnership initiatives
• Teacher initiated projects
• Visitations to other schools
• Preparing and giving presentations at workshops and conferences
• Reflective/analytical portfolios such as those completed for
• National Board Certification and the Presidential Awards in math and science
• Teacher networks
• Shadowing experiences

If you have an equivalent activity that you would like to receive continuing education credit for then you must submit the activity proposal to the LPDC for approval prior to beginning your activity.  The LPDC cannot give credit for equivalent activities you participated in prior to September 1, 1998, and prior to the approval of your IPDP.

Many of the equivalent activities require you to keep an "activity time log".  The log must be maintained while you are completing the activity.  Do not attempt to reconstruct the time line after the activity is completed.