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Frequently asked questions

What is a CEU?
A CEU is also referred to as a continuing education unit. One clock hour of contact time in a professional development activity equals one-tenth (.1) of a CEU. Therefore, it takes ten contact hours to earn one CEU.
What is the process for converting CEUs and college coursework?
SEMESTER        QUARTER         CEUs
1                    1.5                        3
2                    3                           6
3                    4.5                        9
4                    6                           12
5                    7.5                        15
How do I transition from a certificate to a license?
An expiring certificate may be transitioned to a 5-year professional license with evidence of six semester hours of coursework or 18 CEUs that coincides with the IPDP. Both coursework and CEUs may be combined to equal the correct total.
May I still use years of experience to reduce the number of credits needed to transition to a license?
Does the LPDC issue and upgrade certificates & licenses?
No. The role of the LPDC is to review and approve coursework and other professional development activities. The ODE still issues the certificate or license.
Do I need to earn a Master's Degree to keep my 5-year Professional License?
It depends. If you had previously worked under a Certificate, either a 4-year Provisional Certificate or an 8-year Professional Certificate, then you are not required to earn a Master's Degree. However, if you began teaching with a License, probably a 2-year Provisional License, then you do need to earn a Master's Degree before you renew a 5-year Professional License for the third time.
Will the LPDC accept copies of transcripts or Certificates of Attendance?
No. The LPDC needs to see original transcripts showing the coursework taken, and the committee also needs the original Certificate of Attendance to issue any CEUs.