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Coventry Local Schools


Students may complete the following assignments/activities, at home, during the extended spring break, to earn extra credit.

  • Please submit completed assignments, via email, to Mrs. DeMita at [email protected]; or include them, along with your student packet, when dropped off at the school buildings.  Make sure the student’s name is clearly written at the top of the assignment.

All assignments completed must be submitted by May 15, 2020.

Extended Learning Opportunities

  • Read a book and write a book review. (Gr. K-2: Complete a reading log; Gr. 3-5: one-page review; Gr. 6-12: two-three-page review). 
  • Watch a movie and write a movie review. (Gr. K-2: one paragraph min; Gr. 3-5: three paragraphs min; Gr. 6-12: five paragraphs min)
  • Create a board game focusing on your current grade-level math concepts. Include written instructions and rules on how to play.
  • Interview three different people asking them their perspective on the Coronavirus and what effects it has had on their everyday life. Write a complete summary of your findings.
  • Create a collage (digital or physical) representing a career that interests you. Write an explanation of the collage, including why you chose your specific career-path.
  • Create a video documentary entitled: A Day in the Life Of…
  • Create and maintain an exercise journal. Describe the activities performed and the amount of time spent on each. 
  • Take a virtual field trip to a location of your choice, using Google Earth (https://earth.google.com/web/). Create a travel brochure highlighting what you feel are the location’s greatest assets.