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Coventry Local Schools

IDEA-B Special Education Funds

IDEA-B Special Education Funds 2020

IDEA-B Special Education funds are federal dollars allocated to State Departments of education and given to school districts for the purpose of providing educational services, resources and supports for students with disabilities.

Previously, IDEA-B entitlement funds were distributed to districts based upon the number of children identified with disabilities, ages three through 21, as reported in the school district’s December 1st child count. Beginning with FY2002, special education grant awards were allocated upon a base amount for each LEA, additional funds based upon population (85%) and poverty (15%) and any discretionary funds the state may provide. Under this new means of formula calculation, Coventry Local School District will receive approximately $440,907.26 (IDEA-B) for special education expenditures during the 2019-2020 school year. The grant money is to be used only for special education programming and resources for special education students and will be obligated only after the project application is approved by the Ohio Department of Education, Division of Special Education. Additionally, under IDEA-B, children with disabilities enrolled in chartered nonpublic schools are eligible to receive IDEA-B benefits through the participating public school district in which the nonpublic school is located when they are provided special education and related services. Therefore, St. Francis De Sales school will be eligible to receive a portion of the entitlement funds identified above ($39,568.39).

Coventry Local Schools’ IDEA-B funds have been used to partially fund the salaries of multiple Special Education teachers as well as special education classroom assistant and attendants. Monies have also been used to purchase technology and classroom supplies for students with special needs and their teachers. IDEA-B funds are also identified to cover the costs of extended school year to those students who qualify. Additionally, the grant monies have been used to pay tuition for special education students attending specialized programs outside our district.

School employees and district residents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Melissa Dort, Director of Special Services, at 330-644-0699 with any comments regarding the expenditures of these funds. The grant application and all funds pertaining to the project are located at 3257 Cormany Road, Akron, Oh 44319 

Annual Public Notification in Coventry Local Schools posted on district website for public review (October 2019)