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Coventry Local Schools

Independent Professional Development

Independent Professional Development (iPD)

Coventry’s iPD program will provide our district’s educators with the chance to participate in opportunities that specifically meet each individual’s needs. This year’s program will involve an “on your own” approach. This approach means that teachers will be responsible for determining their own professional goals and finding the learning opportunities that meet their needs.

iPD – District Options:

Coventry Local Schools will be offering a variety of workshops/trainings throughout the course of next school year. Here are some examples of the upcoming training events that may be used toward the required PD for next year:

  • CPI
  • SMART Board Training
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Training
  • Tech-Tuesday - Afterschool Workshops
  • Wonders – Textbook Training
  • HS Math – Textbook Training
  • PD360 Online Modules

Please check your email throughout the summer for details regarding these options and additional opportunities.