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Coventry Local Schools

Open Enrollment

Coventry Administration Offices - Open Enrollment
3089 Manchester Rd 
Door #6 


Open Enrollment is closed for the 2020-21 school year.
Information for the 2021-22 school year application process will be posted Feb. 2021.  Please check back for details.

Application Requirements 
The applicant is responsible for making copies of the following documents prior to filling out an application.
  Copies will NOT be made for you. 
  1. Birth Certificate - must be Certified Health Department document. Hospital birth record is not accepted.
  2. Social Security Card of the applicant.
  3. Report Card - must be the most recent for the current grade level. Excludes KG, HS transcript acceptable.
  4. Shot Record
  5. Custody Papers - if there has been a Seperation, Divorce or Legal Guardianship; paperwork MUST be provided.  If the applicants name listed on the Certified Birth Certificate does not match the Parent information - documentation for proof of custody will be required.
  6. 2 Forms of Proof of Residency - must be in the Legal Parent/Guardians name and current date.  Acceptable POR can be a utility bill; gas, electric, water, cable; payroll deposit, mortgage statement (rental/lease NOT accepted), insurance document, government correspondence, landline phone bill.
  7. Students receiving Special Education Services - MUST provide the most current IEP and ETR.  Application will not be processed without both of these documents.