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Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to Intervention (RTI)


Tier 1- provides strong core instructional programs for all students. If this instruction is adequately differentiated, 80- 90% of the students will respond. For the 10-20% of nonresponders, a file review and classroom interventions will be provided.


Tier 2- if students are not responding to Tier I interventions, more intense and targeted interventions are provided in addition to the general curriculum. Progress is monitored closely and data is gathered and graphed at least 2 times a week while the research-based interventions continue. Tier 2 interventions are monitored for 4 to 6 weeks.


Tier 3- for all students who do not adequately respond to the targeted interventions in Tier 2. More frequent and intensive research-based interventions are provided. Additional testing may be warranted to refine and specifically define the skill deficit to be addressed.


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Tier 3