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Coventry Local Schools

Student Assistance Program

Coventry Local Schools

Behavior Health and Wellness Coordinator

Shari Brustoski

330-644-8489 ext. 621109


What is the Student Assistance Program?

The student assistance program (SAP) is a comprehensive school-based framework consisting of school teams, caregivers and community partners promoting positive social, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

The SAP works with the Student Assistance Team and the Coventry Community and surrounding areas to assure students and families have access to resources they need to flourish.

The Student Assistance Team collaboratively works to:

  • Assist students

  • Build school and family relationships

  • Foster healthy family and community partnerships

  • Assist in Implementing evidence-based practices

  • Assist in Implementing all Tiers of intervention

Referrals can be made by anyone and concerns may be:

  • Academic Concerns

  • Behavioral Concerns

  • Social/Emotional Concerns/Substance Use Concerns

  • Family/ Home Concerns

The program coordinator serves as a liaison between school, community and home.  The program coordination will assist families in accessing the services/resources they need and identify what the student’s barrier to learning is.   The SAP helps students meet their educational goals and monitors their progress.

What others are saying about the Student Assistance Program: 

  • Positive Relationships with Schools and Community

  • Improved Grades and School Attendance

  • Positive Behavior Among Students