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Coventry Local Schools

Yearbook Staff


Writing Workshops:
Because this is a journalism course, students are expected to write copy, captions, and interview.  Writing workshops will take place during the first quarter of the school year.  To earn credit and grade, all students must complete these workshops. Additionally, students will not be permitted to work on the yearbook if workshops are not complete.

eDesign Tutorials:
Students new to the yearbook staff are required to complete the on-line tutorials offered by Jostens.  Students will not be permitted to work on the book until the tutorials are complete.

Each student is required to sell one advertisement.  To earn a free yearbook, the student must sell a specific amount to be determined by the adviser and yearbook representative.  This amount will be determined at the beginning of the sales campaign.

Although Lyon's Photography provides the yearbook staff with many athletic photographs, the staff is required to attend and photograph events and occasions happening in and around our school. Each staff member will be assigned an event and be trained on the use of the equipment.

It is very important to adhere to all deadlines.  You have the ability to work on your assigned pages at school and at home. Please notify me if you do not have enough photographs for your spread or need assistance with copy information.